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Fuck everything, I wanna throw it all away
And burn it all to ashes now that everybody's gone insane
Send a prayer to the smoke stacks, cough away
Wanna point a finger, lashing out, but you're all to blame
Turn a blind eye, it's what the bosses say
I'll keep mine wide open if it's all the same
Cop a chemical to numb away the awful pain
Sipping on the gasoline, another way to fall away
Fuck the corporations that feed on your frustrations
They built their towers, got their power on deforestation
But you buy it even though the price is more defacement
Eyes on the screen, more concerned with what the whores are saying
Fuck the government, they're fucking puppets all
The real masters need a patsy just to take a fall
Blasting their distractions, making sure you hate them all
Your chains are blatant taking shape, but you're too weak to break em off

Fuck everyone, I'm burning all my bridges down
I'm digging up the hatchets that they had me bury in the ground
You think you're fucking clever, but I've got you figured out
I see the scales through your mask because it's slipping now
You're not a human, you're a creature, I see underneath
All you care about, all you wanna do is fuck and feed
Chew me up and spit me out when you're done with me
You're selfish, latching onto the excuse that you're running free
Fuck the police who treat arrests like fucking trophies
Laughing over stories of minorities they've busted open
Left their families in tears, left em stunned and broken
Let's have a pig roast, get in line to fucking blow me
Fuck you, Mr Proud to be American
All I see around me is entitlement and arrogance
Pride should be earned, not something you're born with
Soil doesn't matter, so I'm ready to torch it

I fucking hate the lack of genuine affection
I fucking hate the games and mental misdirection
I fucking hate the bloody sanguine intervention
But most of all I fucking hate the man in the reflection

Fuck me, I'm the biggest piece of shit I know
First sign of trouble I'm already set to give up hope
I'm a snob, every band I like is is "little known"
Abrasive personality, my ass is under mistletoe
Judging apathy, like what you feeding vultures for?
But I ain't fighting, I'm at home evolving Bulbasaur
I give a shit, but I do nothing to help
I care, but I only act to further myself
I support women's rights, but won't call myself a feminist
Cuz I don't like the negative connotations you get with it
Quick to criticize your focus on irrelevant
Shit, I'm a hypocrite, only bent on sellin it
This atonement is selfish, damn, son
The person that I am ain't what I planned on
I'm passing judgement but ain't got a leg to stand on
I shit all over hipsters, but I fear I really am one


from Wasteland, released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Zak G Waterbury, Connecticut

Zak G is a a musician and artist from CT.

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