I Am the Virus

from by Zak G

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Cuts by DJ Mo Niklz


Batten down the hatches, got a spot reserved - black list
Walking barefoot through the razorblades and matchsticks
Bootleg sanity, can't somebody crack this?
I'm feeling like a mako with the whiskers of a catfish
Venting on the microphone, they're calling me unorthodox
Rather see me pouring shots, pretending that I score a lot
...I'm pretty lost, less direction than an orphan's got
I need a way to numb it so I'll have another morphine shot
...Fuck beligerent, I'll drink til I'm illiterate
Some whiskey and I'll chase it with a tablespoon of cinnamon
...I'm a bitter shit, I've learned to fucking live with it
I'm sick of making you believe the shit I spit's deliberate
...It's in your eyes, picture this, you don't give a shit
Read between the missing print, the shit that makes you twitch a bit
It's intimate, legitimate, giving in, I'm lit and pissed
Littered with the bullets, full of shit to hit the infinite
...Spitting intricate, no grip on our reality
Searching Pirate Bay so I can torrent personality
...Cuz I'm casually flipping my mentality
Sick of this brutality, finish him, fatality
...You know it had to be a bastard seed, a wrath for me
I'm reaching in to tear your fucking heart out, do it happily
...All to let you know you'll never fucking capture me
You're after me I have to see the laughter, now I'm Gatsby free

I am the virus (x4)

Let's skip the pleasantries, the memories, we'll let em be
The history is that and now I'm viewing only enemies
...burn the effigies upsetting me, we'll never see
A shred of human dignity, we're never getting any peace
I'm on my Harry Warden shit, you're my bloody valentine
...loveless, struttin like a mastermind
Try to shake the overwhelming thought you know you're past your prime
...all I ever manage is to gather slime
Never had street cred, caught up in the deep web
I'm nothing like you even though we both bleed red
...everything I hear is just a retread
I can't seem to get it through your thick skull - meat head
...Redead, show me where the noose goes
Take another bite I hear my bark is like Cujo's
Listen to venom on my tongue, spitting rude prose
...Fuck this, change it up, new pose
Fuck a mic, fuck a beat, I illustrate the illest rage
Assimilate the bastards, casting spells to solve their bitter fate
...Getting fatter, rather gather dust and sit and wait
...Fuck it, all you're ever gonna give is hate
...So you'll find me dancing on the fault line
...Never cross, grind, can't hault mine
Every rapper wants to be the greatest of all time
But all I fucking hear is sheep, every measure, every line


from Wasteland, released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Zak G Waterbury, Connecticut

Zak G is a a musician and artist from CT.

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