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I wear my heart on my sleeve like it's a fucking insignia
My head's full of nonsense and splatter film trivia
We're on our way to oblivion and I'm feeling insidious
Harlequin smile cuz it's a joke so ridiculous
I'm at home sipping ecto-cooler playing Contra
I don't give a fuck, let's make that the mantra
On top of the world, ma, I'm fucking obnoxious
Between Immortal Technique and Immortal - I'm Godless
Rockin, so toxic, I'm gonna topple the pop shit
Son of Northern Darkness spittin music for moshpits
Steppin up to knock the fuckin Earth off its' axis
Guanno for brains I'm gettin closer to batshit
We're playing in traffic, live from the underpass
Taught to keep a cork so yeah we're keeping it under wraps
Generation suicide, yeah let's run with that
Fist in the air, I'll be screaming till my lungs collapse

I will never be converted
I'm done pretending I'm a person
I'm feeling more akin to vermin
This is curtains

Harder than a Metapod, level seven, never stop
Poppin rare candy til I'm trippin off the sweat of God
Searchin Never Never Land , I'm lost, boy, get a grip
Need to get a better plan, take a life and sever it
Straight outta Nilbog, crazy I might be off
fuck, I'm a bastard, oh baby I like it raw
Green Man pissed, bout to fuckin Hulk smash your face
Shoddy commodity gotta be oddity - fuck, I'm an aftertaste
They tell me I'm a basket case, I'm only in denial
But I'm perfectly fine... ain't that right, Belial?
Listen to the heartbeat, marbles? I lost them
They're biting like it's Shark Week but I feel Jawsome
Call it a swan song, I'm already long gone
Fracture my psyche, cuz everything's gone wrong
A matter, it might be recurring so nightly
Sleep terror visions, bitten, giving a fight, see?


I've never had a good poker face, this hand ain't cashin in
Got a joker and some land cards from Magic: The Gathering
Readin em like Tarot just to gather what's happening
Clatter in the teeth with my rib cage rattling
Mind's in the gutter, but it's been known to wander
On the edge of insanity, pretty sure I'm a goner
Paranoid sure, can't deny that I'm bonkers
I'll tell myself it's just a bad fur day - Conker's
Eyes like a deadite in a backwoods cabin
Sweatin til I'm green, feelin Savage Dragon
Pass the Captain and a stash of Aspirin
Tear gas laughs, turn it back to gaspin
I know it's predictable like the thoughts of givin in
My playbook is the Enchiridion
Found myself between Styx and Midian
Blurring the lines between a human and simian



from Wasteland, released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Zak G Waterbury, Connecticut

Zak G is a a musician and artist from CT.

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