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HEY! - Another 9 to 5
Another lost day I'll waste by design
HEY! - Another dime to find
Another countdown til the day that I resign
HEY! - Another grind of mine
Another late night lookin for a line to rhyme
HEY! - Another time to shine
Another reason to keep breathin feelin I'm alive

I can't take these walls that close in
I need some escape
I can't take these walls that close in
This is fucking rape

These days all blur together as I shamble on, groggy
Everything's a copy of a copy of a copy
Stomach full of Raman, thermos full of coffee
If I fuckin show up late again my boss is gonna off me
Nothing is the offer I see through the lies
Brutalize workers, they dehumanize, just a threat to neutralize
The soul has no place, stuff it back in human eyes
Tell me it's a feast, but it's just McDonald's Super-size
Should I be thankful for the scraps they're giving?
Blindly accepting of all the crap they're shilling?
Feeding encouragement like I'm making a killing
Bleeding the labor, it's just a nitche they're filling
Fed into my brain, but I know the routine
Ready to snap I wanna blow up the scene
The desire is strong they tell you go for the green
But all you're really doing is you're slowing the dream

We're pacified by the cheap illusion of progression
Dangled like a carrot cuz they knew it's an obsession
Just to pay some bills and pass the time is the intention
But I feel it itching underneath the surface, an infection
I'm chasing dreams of other men so I can survive
I'll take my dreams and smother them to remain alive
Call it compromise because I'm hoping to thrive
Pretending, but I'm just another drone in the hive
Marching like a fire ant carrying grain
While the queen gets fat as she barely strains
Apathetic like she ain't aware of the pain
But she knows damn well, there ain't a care in her brain
They're laughing at the wage gap, it's like a great slap
Right across the face, been in place since way back
Walking on our shoulders, they're our bane, we break backs
Only cuz we settled on "take that"

We pass the hours talkin bout how pleased we'd be to leave
Countin down the seconds till we be out in a brief reprieve
Thinkin bout the art we wanna make when we're away
But all we talk about at home's the bullshit that we've seen today
It's creepin in the back of my mind
They say that I should let it go because I'm passing my prime
I'm holding on for now before I have to resign
And I'm giving everything I got, but lacking the time
It's not too far between a mansion and box car
It's a pretty thin line between a slave and a rockstar
Every step a millimeter, act like I've gone far
There's treasure in this trash and I ain't talkin bout pawn stars
Every single cubicle is breaking me down
Gotta fight before they push your face to the ground
The same routine, fuck, I'm hating it now
Cuz I don't wanna be another face in the crowd


from Wasteland, released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Zak G Waterbury, Connecticut

Zak G is a a musician and artist from CT.

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