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by Zak G

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Intro 01:48
Wasteland 03:36
Hit your fist to the pavement and crack the granite Burn it all down, it's a plastic planet We don't care, thinkin we'll outlast the damage And spit false promise like a massive bandage In the aftermath we watch ozone vanish Chokin on the smoke that we blow to manage Showing our teeth cuz we're going savage Lickin our lips cuz we're oh so famished All we're fuckin built to do is rape and consume Take it all for granted as we take and pollute All we're fuckin headed for is blatantly doom We're breedin that destruction cuz there's hate in the womb Bleedin that soil till we know it's gonna give it all Eviscerate the forest for that brand new mini mall Steep cliff and we're gearing up to slip and fall Open wound and we're hawking back, spittin salt [hook]: We're heading for the wasteland, wasteland We're living in a wasteland, wasteland We're heading for the wasteland, wasteland We're living in a wasteland, wasteland Hatred and intolerance, take it all and bottle it Aughtta make a stand, but we take it like a bottom bitch No stoppin it? What a crock of shit It's blatant in our face but we don't care until we've gotten hit They call it privilege, but I call it the blinders We need a wake up call or maybe just a reminder It's all the subtle things we say that we don't have time for Deny them when our only goal is getting inside her Objectification is the manifestation The patriarchal dogma's only classification Pretend it doesn't happen when it's up in your face, and You get labelled as a Nazi if you're making a statement Corporations all clutchin at the uterus Chew it up and spit it out, yeah we knew it just Didn't wanna stand up, they can strangle you to dust But we're all headed that way when they're through with us [hook] We're maggots on a corpse, just digging through the entrails Scorched Earth with a sky full of chem trails Dried sea fossil monument - dead whales Fault lines like a last breath - exhale We are witness to the dying of a culture Knives into the back of Earth, we're feeding only vultures Rip the stitches, now we're bleeding through the sutures Dead eyes like a mortuary sculpture What have we done? Let's fall into despair again Sinkin in the blood and pus, our homemade carrion No flowers on the grave at this burial We're all dead so we can't find the time to care at all This is not a plea, just a lament As we suffocate our dreams underneath the cement There's blood on our hands, waste time, repent This is just a document of human descent
As adolescents we were mad and restless Didn't give a fuck, living fast and reckless Soon enough the world kicked our ass and left us So we suck nostalgia like the past is precious A promise is blasphemy, it's cash they blessed us Label it laziness if we ask to rest up We'll burn our gifts like a bastard x-mas Then swallow our coals and eat ash for breakfast Call it entitlement, generation of idle men Gotta fight, but it's rigged so we fucking cheat and we lie to win Pull on the wool, there's no light, but you're blinding them Batter them down until no fight is inside of them Crippled in thought, now we're riddled with doubt Eyes on the clock as we figure it out It's a masquerade, but we're living it out Left to our own, so let's give it a shout Hook: 1984 to 2001 Our future has passed, can't you see that we're done? From 1984 to 2001 Our future has passed, can't you see that we're done? All the messages you're sending representing the ending We're just resenting cuz it's nothing but a lie you're defending False hope, even with the best of intentions Bent on commending, but you're only offending Everybody started with a gleam in their eye Wet behind the ears, the game is leavin em dry And now to numb it all the dealers only keepin em high Otherwise the animals are bleeding tonight This hole's so deep that we'll never see the light again Even if we're seeing red we're never gonna fight again Tell em keep it moving, cuz the prize is only right ahead I'd rather hear the truth, even if it might offend We're lied to from the day we leave the cabbage patch Until the day we're tossed out penniless, no baggage packed You can't believe that? Yes I do as matter fact We're looking for the future, but there's nothing for us after that hook I've got the product, but I find it hard to find a buyer If I can't sell it soon I'm going crazy - Michael Myers This useless piece of paper doesn't mean I'm getting hired My discontent had got me lashing out, it'll get me fired I tossed a couple pennies in the wishing well Listen to the voices whisper, telling me to give em hell This affair will end in bloodshed, kiss and tell Slow recovery from the days I slipped and fell I've got this self defeating can't do frame of mind I'm just sick and fucking tired of this lame design Only goal they've got is to make em blind I might as well just off myself, fucking save em time No, I refuse to stop now No, I will not be blocked now No, I will not be a soldier in their army by default I will not be shot down
Curtains 03:13
I wear my heart on my sleeve like it's a fucking insignia My head's full of nonsense and splatter film trivia We're on our way to oblivion and I'm feeling insidious Harlequin smile cuz it's a joke so ridiculous I'm at home sipping ecto-cooler playing Contra I don't give a fuck, let's make that the mantra On top of the world, ma, I'm fucking obnoxious Between Immortal Technique and Immortal - I'm Godless Rockin, so toxic, I'm gonna topple the pop shit Son of Northern Darkness spittin music for moshpits Steppin up to knock the fuckin Earth off its' axis Guanno for brains I'm gettin closer to batshit We're playing in traffic, live from the underpass Taught to keep a cork so yeah we're keeping it under wraps Generation suicide, yeah let's run with that Fist in the air, I'll be screaming till my lungs collapse [hook]: I will never be converted I'm done pretending I'm a person I'm feeling more akin to vermin This is curtains Harder than a Metapod, level seven, never stop Poppin rare candy til I'm trippin off the sweat of God Searchin Never Never Land , I'm lost, boy, get a grip Need to get a better plan, take a life and sever it Straight outta Nilbog, crazy I might be off fuck, I'm a bastard, oh baby I like it raw Green Man pissed, bout to fuckin Hulk smash your face Shoddy commodity gotta be oddity - fuck, I'm an aftertaste They tell me I'm a basket case, I'm only in denial But I'm perfectly fine... ain't that right, Belial? Listen to the heartbeat, marbles? I lost them They're biting like it's Shark Week but I feel Jawsome Call it a swan song, I'm already long gone Fracture my psyche, cuz everything's gone wrong A matter, it might be recurring so nightly Sleep terror visions, bitten, giving a fight, see? [hook] I've never had a good poker face, this hand ain't cashin in Got a joker and some land cards from Magic: The Gathering Readin em like Tarot just to gather what's happening Clatter in the teeth with my rib cage rattling Mind's in the gutter, but it's been known to wander On the edge of insanity, pretty sure I'm a goner Paranoid sure, can't deny that I'm bonkers I'll tell myself it's just a bad fur day - Conker's Eyes like a deadite in a backwoods cabin Sweatin til I'm green, feelin Savage Dragon Pass the Captain and a stash of Aspirin Tear gas laughs, turn it back to gaspin I know it's predictable like the thoughts of givin in My playbook is the Enchiridion Found myself between Styx and Midian Blurring the lines between a human and simian [hook]
It's easy to believe, but we knew the truth's a gruesome vision Tighten up the shackles all they ever want from you's submission Brain soak the opiates, caught up in consumerism Bow to your messiah now that money is your new religion ...You knew that you were tripping, cool it now, new edition Wanna be a rebel but let's face it, man, you blew the mission ...Don't care who you were dissing, what you got? Stop it You only learned about rebellion from Hot Topic Reciting only wisdom you could find on a shirt They're making you a fool with your mind in the dirt Bought and sold for scraps, now this prize is the worst Decked out trash, now the lie is the curse Plugged into the Matrix cuz the truth is abbrassive And accepting your fate is easier than escape is Stuck on the fake shit, but I'd rather erase it Looking for that little white rabbit to chase it [hook]: Obey, conform, consume, sleep Obey, conform, consume Knife: Fasten your belt, water ride from caps when they melt Put the ghat back on the shelf, before you clap at yourself The gap in the wealth, I came to frame it for you, Paint a picture on you, then i warn you if you listen all through That i didn’t force you Of course you not alone, satellites, Obama's drones Agents at your momma’s home, taping while you on the phone Like a whiny kid with shiny shit, saying by it for him Find a forum, don’t be energized by other guys decorum You hear it, that the sound of the inner city The air is giving cancer, benign and in your titty Sitting pretty, fixing committees to oversee your ovaries Then of course, for intercourse, they told you how it’s supposed to be And it be the same shit overseas Everybody doing drugs till their brian’s cooked over ease And nobody seems to shrug by how strange they motives seem So we all just toke the bud, and their games get no reprieve You're wet behind the ears, but you think you got it figured out Spit and shout that shit about how we should go a different route ...all you talk about's illuminati's hidden clout Say another word, I wanna take your brain and rip it out Giving out conspiracies, the theories infiltrate your mind Latching on efficiently when you should really take your time You don't trust the anchor, but the bloggers are fine It don't matter who you follow if you're following blind Act like you're above it all and scorn the wicked media But all your information comes from shit on Wikipedia Wiki leak the acid on that shit you'll trip repeatedly But without a real thought you know you're slipping easily ...Flip the scenery, same Plato, different cave Same shit, different day, acting like the myth'll save Standing for effect, eyes wide, sick and brave Tricked into distraction, but you're waiting for that shit to take [hook]
[hook]: Pulling teeth It's like pulling teeth On my grind like I'm Napalm Death, save your breath I don't give a fuck what you say to me, pay respect Headbanging while I bust a rhyme, break ya neck Giving everything I fucking got when I play a set I see too many cats barely break a sweat Complaining in the ash as their careers are being laid to rest If you don't put in work all you can do is blame yourself I ain't got no other options, the game is set Graduated college, not I'm nothing but a slave to debt Gotta work this shitty 9 to 5 just to pay the rent Defer another day, I don't make enough to make a dent Keepin us in chains while they rob us, blatant theft I must be crazy like I'm fuckin high, takin meth But all my cards are on the table, make a bet I'll rage against the propaganda tellin me to hate myself So here it comes, the kick, brace yourself I used to listen to Wu Tang for hours and rap along I'm hitting my peak like this is Flowers For Algernon Thinkin bout the future I get sour and babble on Suicidal anecdotes I cower in sadder songs The wave form digital, the message is analog I'm sick of hearing shit that you could find in a catalogue Talkin bout the chains, Gucci products they rattle off Playing pretend, that's the shit that we had em on Barely a Padowan, got the swag of a master Showing your bravado like you're grabbing your blaster Disguise on lock, there's no battling after How's about we send this bullshit back to the pasture Last name Snow cuz I act like a bastard Got thick skin, but you had em in laughter Sweating like a warrior, you're barely a caster Cuttin this down we need to bury it faster Yet another show, another seedy bar. Hoping I'll be killin it and reaching far Giving everyone a little bit of my soul when I'm showing everybody my bleeding heart Gotta make a better impact, wanna just connect. If you don't, why even start? Harder than a motherfucking dragon, I'll be spitting these flames til it rips my teeth apart I'll be helping everybody see the scars. Understudy, but I fucking know the part Everybody scrambling to reach the stars. Out the gate I'll open hard Better never slow at all, the ride is going fast, you'll be tossed out like an open car Got a little damage, I'll be gathering the pieces on a day that I'll reflect my broken shards This isn't a plea for insanity, sick of what's handed me, giving me shit I'm sick of the commonplace apathy, bring on the anarchy, into the pit So stuck on the bullshit, the vanity, no I can't stand to see living with it Give me macguffin, it's only a phantom, we needed, we had to be rid of the shit I... don't... have any sympathy, I don't give a fuck about your struggle or misery Magic of the music as I'm tapping the rhythm, we gave another body the beat of the symphony, ... Fuck... the line that you're giving me. Stab another knife into the back cuz you're killin me Thinking I'm a be out, but you'll never be rid of me, ... you'll never be rid of me
All I need's a boom bap and a minor key, it's that doom rap you try to be I've loosened up the noose, but don't confuse that with time to breathe ...this is blind release, aggressive but it's nice to see The kind you try to mind but time is nigh so find a rhyme to speak ...I'm on my grind cuz there's a fire deep inside of me I'm at it like an addict till I grab it or my dying plea ...this is static till it clicks and it's reminding me Of something more exciting, this is lightning, it's a sight to see Gimme a kick and a snare, I'll rearrange the elements ...talk shit, but you can't downplay the relevance Connecticut, the residence, I'm reppin it forever bitch ...I'm just sick of all the replicants and revenants Everybody's spitting just to get some better reverence Copy from the masters, try to pass it off as reference Replicate the style, but they're twistin what the message is ...I just wanna find some therapy in resonance [hook]: Therapy This is therapy I'm on top of this, I'll rock this shit, slowing down? Preposterous No stopping till they're copping this from Gotham to Metropolis ...this ain't braggin, homie, fuck that shit I'm not some bitch A crock of shit that's got you poppin, all I spit's an honest pitch ...let's put a stop to this, we're kickin the curse, I'm pissed Flippin the bird, onstage spittin absurd If you waste time askin how you fit in the Earth They'll find you face down, bloody with your dick in the dirt Kicked to the curb, you know that wisdom is earned Are you living to learn or just fulfilling the urge? There's only so much time before you sit in the hearse I got that shit you need, you know that it's in the verse Come on homie, listen to the melody, a remedy sicker than a felony, you'll never see a better me ...Gotta let em be, lit up like an effigy Never gonna settle like a prophecy, it's meant to be [hook] [Sketch tha Cataclysm]: Feeling like a fraud to put it simply, How could I be drowning in thoughts but feeling empty, Wintry vibe, mid-summer, clutching the pen seems flimsy, Still the pages seem the answer of the century, Must indulge in that desire to just breathe, Push and put a little torque into the ten speed, Embrace the quiet the silence and let my head speak, let my head speak, I'm drowning in metaphor, similes, finding these falling off when I submit to anxiety, Life could be trying, these lights can be blinding, reach might be declining that's why I rely on speech, An addict. . . a subject in need of piety, few can rely on me, so many less can pry beneath, What lies beneath, what's buried deep, they apply their teeth, like they're a pair of keys, Bite with clarity, while I fight with the kerosene, dousing fire and apparently using mics for my therapy.
Homie whatchu carryin? Northface and heroine Poor taste, white picket, plastic and American A distant stare in the eyes of the resident So many Dunkin it's a unit of measurement Sick of the smell of it, smoke in the lungs Yacht club brat kid cokin it up Living for attention and they're soaking it up Painted on smile but it's broken enough Everybody like a stranger ain't spoke in a month Stuck in their own head, open the cut Americana wannabe a gonner, but you're gonna see Filthy little underbelly criminal, it's gotta be Lift the mask, it's a different path Skip the track, I got the gift of gab A razor blade and a wrist to slash Fuck the fiction, I'll stick to facts [Al Pist - hook]: I'm locked to the spot by a toxic epoxy My logic's in knots, body's rotting, I gotta be Crazy to stay, I can't step cuz I'm stuck And the message today is we're totally fucked All I see is pharmacies, Dunkin Donuts, liquor stores Pizzeria, Stop n Shop, fake tans, skinny whores Am I wrong in wanting something else, just a little more? ...I just want something worth living for I'm sick of this Americana beauty hollow ego trip I'm missing that obedience chip you follow leaders with ...We cannibalize just to feed the rich I never wanted any of this, you can keep it, bitch The populous abusive and the culture is oppressive The god damn weather here is manic depressive Everybody's sick and it's only impressive If you're looking for a flashback, something regressive It's crystal fucking clear, though the water's lookin murky It's Groundhog Day and I'm feelin like Murray They're telling me to slow down, gettin kinda worried Is it patience or complacency when you say don't hurry? Everyone from high school's either pregnant or on drugs Haven't made it ten feet salting all these slugs Grinding cuz I'm trying, gotta get away, cuz But the only ones who listen are these NSA bugs Day in, day out, the cycle repeats Is the only way to break it through the rifle's release? Tendencies akin to suicidal defeat All I wanted was a Pepsi, final retreat I'm from a prison, but nobody wants to break free Only things we're known for invasions and Hatebreed Full of body snatchers, but they ain't gon' take me Gotta cut the string from the vision that the Fates see All you wanna do is nurse you
925 04:29
[hook]: HEY! - Another 9 to 5 Another lost day I'll waste by design HEY! - Another dime to find Another countdown til the day that I resign HEY! - Another grind of mine Another late night lookin for a line to rhyme HEY! - Another time to shine Another reason to keep breathin feelin I'm alive I can't take these walls that close in I need some escape I can't take these walls that close in This is fucking rape These days all blur together as I shamble on, groggy Everything's a copy of a copy of a copy Stomach full of Raman, thermos full of coffee If I fuckin show up late again my boss is gonna off me Nothing is the offer I see through the lies Brutalize workers, they dehumanize, just a threat to neutralize The soul has no place, stuff it back in human eyes Tell me it's a feast, but it's just McDonald's Super-size Should I be thankful for the scraps they're giving? Blindly accepting of all the crap they're shilling? Feeding encouragement like I'm making a killing Bleeding the labor, it's just a nitche they're filling Fed into my brain, but I know the routine Ready to snap I wanna blow up the scene The desire is strong they tell you go for the green But all you're really doing is you're slowing the dream We're pacified by the cheap illusion of progression Dangled like a carrot cuz they knew it's an obsession Just to pay some bills and pass the time is the intention But I feel it itching underneath the surface, an infection I'm chasing dreams of other men so I can survive I'll take my dreams and smother them to remain alive Call it compromise because I'm hoping to thrive Pretending, but I'm just another drone in the hive Marching like a fire ant carrying grain While the queen gets fat as she barely strains Apathetic like she ain't aware of the pain But she knows damn well, there ain't a care in her brain They're laughing at the wage gap, it's like a great slap Right across the face, been in place since way back Walking on our shoulders, they're our bane, we break backs Only cuz we settled on "take that" We pass the hours talkin bout how pleased we'd be to leave Countin down the seconds till we be out in a brief reprieve Thinkin bout the art we wanna make when we're away But all we talk about at home's the bullshit that we've seen today It's creepin in the back of my mind They say that I should let it go because I'm passing my prime I'm holding on for now before I have to resign And I'm giving everything I got, but lacking the time It's not too far between a mansion and box car It's a pretty thin line between a slave and a rockstar Every step a millimeter, act like I've gone far There's treasure in this trash and I ain't talkin bout pawn stars Every single cubicle is breaking me down Gotta fight before they push your face to the ground The same routine, fuck, I'm hating it now Cuz I don't wanna be another face in the crowd
Batten down the hatches, got a spot reserved - black list Walking barefoot through the razorblades and matchsticks Bootleg sanity, can't somebody crack this? I'm feeling like a mako with the whiskers of a catfish Venting on the microphone, they're calling me unorthodox Rather see me pouring shots, pretending that I score a lot ...I'm pretty lost, less direction than an orphan's got I need a way to numb it so I'll have another morphine shot ...Fuck beligerent, I'll drink til I'm illiterate Some whiskey and I'll chase it with a tablespoon of cinnamon ...I'm a bitter shit, I've learned to fucking live with it I'm sick of making you believe the shit I spit's deliberate ...It's in your eyes, picture this, you don't give a shit Read between the missing print, the shit that makes you twitch a bit It's intimate, legitimate, giving in, I'm lit and pissed Littered with the bullets, full of shit to hit the infinite ...Spitting intricate, no grip on our reality Searching Pirate Bay so I can torrent personality ...Cuz I'm casually flipping my mentality Sick of this brutality, finish him, fatality ...You know it had to be a bastard seed, a wrath for me I'm reaching in to tear your fucking heart out, do it happily ...All to let you know you'll never fucking capture me You're after me I have to see the laughter, now I'm Gatsby free [hook]: I am the virus (x4) Let's skip the pleasantries, the memories, we'll let em be The history is that and now I'm viewing only enemies ...burn the effigies upsetting me, we'll never see A shred of human dignity, we're never getting any peace I'm on my Harry Warden shit, you're my bloody valentine ...loveless, struttin like a mastermind Try to shake the overwhelming thought you know you're past your prime ...all I ever manage is to gather slime Never had street cred, caught up in the deep web I'm nothing like you even though we both bleed red ...everything I hear is just a retread I can't seem to get it through your thick skull - meat head ...Redead, show me where the noose goes Take another bite I hear my bark is like Cujo's Listen to venom on my tongue, spitting rude prose ...Fuck this, change it up, new pose Fuck a mic, fuck a beat, I illustrate the illest rage Assimilate the bastards, casting spells to solve their bitter fate ...Getting fatter, rather gather dust and sit and wait ...Fuck it, all you're ever gonna give is hate ...So you'll find me dancing on the fault line ...Never cross, grind, can't hault mine Every rapper wants to be the greatest of all time But all I fucking hear is sheep, every measure, every line
I'm more Jesse Eisenberg than Jessie or Heisenberg I live inside that look inside your eye when you light an herb Laughing at the Syfy Channel, I might observe Sharknado playing in the back as I try to burn Nice day out? I'd rather stay at home Binge on reruns of Game of Thrones Get some friends over, get em in my zone We'll all sit in one room staring at our phones Pass the controller, Mortal Kombat Back back down (fuck), couldn't make contact What's the code? What's the fatality? What's sweep distance? Fuck reality Fuck real life, what's that even mean? I'd rather keep my eyes glued screen to screen That's how it goes, though it aint a great look ...sorry, had to refresh Facebook [hook]: Only a moment before we find that we're past it A flicker in the dark gotta hurry to grasp it Let's turn it to eleven, hit the dial and blast it Staring at the idiot box, we're so passive Chomping at the bit for another distraction Anything apart from any human interaction Numb to the planet, there ain't no compassion Staring at the idiot box, we're so passive [Old Self]: I like The Simpsons, I really like watchin The Simpsons Old Self, young pink skin Do you really know what happened to Minkus? YouTube videos of Limp Bizkit When I click my links my shits is persistent Goodness gracious, I tab ten pages Buzzfeed’s list of celebs that got facelifts Masturbation, instant gratification When I’m at work I’m on vacation Clicking Reddit links, text messaging The internet could be a sedetitve Don’t know what you said, can’t remember it Cuz I was on my phone, I wasn’t listening Nostalgic trips on pro wrestling Chocolate chips on my keyboard My laptop keeps my knees warm [hook] All I wanna do is spit bars and play Pokemon I don't really battle, but I'll slap you with an open palm ...It's an open call... gotta catch em all Jabberwocky Jabber Jaw, no respect, I laugh it off I'm blasting Kill Em All... or watching Battle Bots You see me, street trash, lookin like a vagabond All you wanna hear is all the references I rattle off Sending me a blank stare, the message is an afterthought Slap you to the dome, like "what the fuck, don't you get it, kid?" The culture of our age and now I've found what the connection is ...regression, ...more like an obsession, it's Data flowing through the tiny screen where the reflection is ...the human element is disappearing Down with Videodrome, long live the fearless IRL LOL, the debate ain't even near it More than 140 characters? you ain't trying to hear it [hook]
Reflections 03:55
Fuck everything, I wanna throw it all away And burn it all to ashes now that everybody's gone insane Send a prayer to the smoke stacks, cough away Wanna point a finger, lashing out, but you're all to blame Turn a blind eye, it's what the bosses say I'll keep mine wide open if it's all the same Cop a chemical to numb away the awful pain Sipping on the gasoline, another way to fall away Fuck the corporations that feed on your frustrations They built their towers, got their power on deforestation But you buy it even though the price is more defacement Eyes on the screen, more concerned with what the whores are saying Fuck the government, they're fucking puppets all The real masters need a patsy just to take a fall Blasting their distractions, making sure you hate them all Your chains are blatant taking shape, but you're too weak to break em off Fuck everyone, I'm burning all my bridges down I'm digging up the hatchets that they had me bury in the ground You think you're fucking clever, but I've got you figured out I see the scales through your mask because it's slipping now You're not a human, you're a creature, I see underneath All you care about, all you wanna do is fuck and feed Chew me up and spit me out when you're done with me You're selfish, latching onto the excuse that you're running free Fuck the police who treat arrests like fucking trophies Laughing over stories of minorities they've busted open Left their families in tears, left em stunned and broken Let's have a pig roast, get in line to fucking blow me Fuck you, Mr Proud to be American All I see around me is entitlement and arrogance Pride should be earned, not something you're born with Soil doesn't matter, so I'm ready to torch it hook: I fucking hate the lack of genuine affection I fucking hate the games and mental misdirection I fucking hate the bloody sanguine intervention But most of all I fucking hate the man in the reflection Fuck me, I'm the biggest piece of shit I know First sign of trouble I'm already set to give up hope I'm a snob, every band I like is is "little known" Abrasive personality, my ass is under mistletoe Judging apathy, like what you feeding vultures for? But I ain't fighting, I'm at home evolving Bulbasaur I give a shit, but I do nothing to help I care, but I only act to further myself I support women's rights, but won't call myself a feminist Cuz I don't like the negative connotations you get with it Quick to criticize your focus on irrelevant Shit, I'm a hypocrite, only bent on sellin it This atonement is selfish, damn, son The person that I am ain't what I planned on I'm passing judgement but ain't got a leg to stand on I shit all over hipsters, but I fear I really am one
this is damage control, son, manage your roll another dumb catchphrase, an adage of old fee fi fo fum, ambient, no drums her hand's moving south, but she's telling me no tongue ...no way, countin on no one I'm looking for a reason wanna be but I know none ...movin at the pace of a slow run two steps back like I'm trying to grow young ...I barely feel human today I need a couple sips to keep the illusion at bay Pass the chaser, Everyone's distracted by some stacks of paper A snack for later Inhale, breathe deep on the plastic vapors Another couple tracks and I'll gather haters It's that "I don't give a fuck" I don't have to cater So let the dust settle, we'll be laughing later hook: I'm sick of smoke and mirrors I want it spoken clearer I'm in the broken mirror I'm holding tokens dearer I'm sick of smoke and mirrors I want it spoken clearer I'm in the broken mirror ... Let's get bent, I'll be the first to break I've got a couple demons and a curse to shake Tripping through dreams, my turn to snake I'm smelling on salt, but it's worse awake T minus 12, down for self medication Better way to cope, never worked meditation All I'm really lookin for some elevation ...No sense of self preservation Saying I don't care, but I wanna be a part of it Choking down the vitamins, swallowing the arsenic I know I know, the messages are startling I feel the poison from my follicles to cartilage ...so fuck it all, take my hair and bones Sing a swan song in these dissonant baritones I'll stay numb, I ain't scared alone So when I'm dust you'll know I've barely grown hook There's an image in my iris lit in ultraviolet I'm crippled, lit, and blind when I'm living ultraviolence But you're killing me with kindness Smiles can't hide that the demon lives inside us Need it to remind us of better days That we didn't spend plotting how to get away Gotta move on, but we hesitate Gotta medicate or we'll never separate, elevate I just wanna levitate Freedom is a song that we better pay Ironic, it's a sign that we never make No one will acknowledge that we're getting raped I shamble on lookin like a broken fool Ready for the anger but I know it's cruel Bottled up, but I think I'll open soon There is no spoon, only Zuul


released October 28, 2014

All music written and recorded by Zak Greene, except where noted.

Engineered by Kenny Cash and Francis Silvi
Recorded at the Factory Underground
Mixed/mastered by Kenny Cash

Additional vocals on track 4 by Knife, track 7 by Sketch tha Cataclysm, track 8 by Al Pist, and track 11 by Old Self

Cuts on track 1 by DJ N.E.B. and tracks 2, 5, 8, and 10 by DJ Mo Niklz


all rights reserved



Zak G New Haven, Connecticut

Rap game Rollins.

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