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by Zak G

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No Future 03:48
We’re looking to the past because the present times all sort of blow …fuck the future man, my horoscope’s a horror show We’re chugging gasoline to make our insides rot and organs go …we wanna make it quick before we die of boredom, bro Open up a vein or two, shooting up or spilling out Tuning out from all the things that we don’t give a shit about Drown the hum, down the hatch, time to make the hours pass Let the drama fall with every grain inside the hourglass …but the power lasts, conscious or not Instead of stopping the plot we’ve got this rot in our thoughts We’re ignorant, apathetic hypocrites, so that’s pathetic …using chemicals to hide inside our trash aesthetic …Disillusioned by our crumbling metropolis With open arms and broken hearts we’re ready for apocalypse …sick without a thought that we could put a stop to this Writing off survival, no concern about these politics [hook]: x2 There’s no future in this There’s no freedom in this There’s no solace in this There’s no living with this Fuck apathy, fuck ignorance, fuck asking polite Cuz now it’s long overdue that we found the passion to fight They were slashing out rights, we should have acted on sight But now I promise that they’ll never stop us after tonight And when we bask in the light, we’ll feel the heat on our skin Shower in ash, the city glows from within Your pacifism’s noble, but it’s no way to win, It’s only masochism when they’re turning hope into sin Your activism dwindles when out methods are riotous But this culture required us to cut ties to your piousness Fighting through abuse we’ll keep our efforts so tireless We didn’t start the war, these snakes were begging for violence So fight with aggression as long as causes are honorable We’ll riot to Utopia in hopes that it’s possible There’s beauty in the broken glass past any obstacle When we’re ending an era where badges act like they’re swastikas [hook]: x2 There’s no future in this There’s no freedom in this There’s no solace in this There’s no living with this
Burn it Down 01:04
[hook]: Burn it down! (let’s burn) Burn it down! (burn, burn) I wanna find the faces in the shrines inside the magazines Take a match, throw the plastic in some gasoline Take a piss inside their skulls and plant an appleseed And if it grows there was a meaning, but we’ll have to see I don’t give a fuck about the deities we’ve raised up While our drones are overseas fillin graves up And we all talk a good game like we’ll raise up But instead we’re at the bar, glasses raised up Cardboard complex, makeshift settlements Come and take a stroll through these Blockbuster skeletons A new development, deeper into deficit Burning money on another faux-nemesis See the glowing vision with your un-blinked eyes Red or blue regardless, it’s all one disguise A smile on every face as they run their lies The American Dream has been undermined [hook]
Squidward 01:58
It’s 4am, I’m still awake and I can barely see the screen I’m noddin off, watchin Samurai Jack DVD’s I’m clutchin to a cup of coffee I don’t even need Starin at an empty page, the page is readin me Nose to the grindstone I feel like a rap star Even if my beard looks a little more Nascar Alright, maybe I don’t have to go that far But any wrong move I’m activating my trap card Every half-finished verse is feelin like a heart attack …I just wanna throw it all into the garbage bag Sweatin like a cold drink, speakin like a Marshall stack Turn up the volume… til the speakers crack Every show I see the same bastards I hate rappers, cue the fake laughter Great actors, I’m gonna break faster Pretty soon I outta blow out all my grey matter [hook]: Falling down the rabbit hole, YouTube is my ketamine Advertisers telling me that they can make a better me Just a couple bucks, I ain’t buyin what they’re selling me …what they’re selling me... Further down the rabbit hole, Netflix is my heroin Gotta keep my sight line from drifting over there again Grindstone’s ready, making scholars of barbarians …of barbarians… I’ve worn the same shirt for two weeks, haven’t slept in three days Every conscious moment’s like twisted instant replay De ja vu, but the cab is set to free play Sittin on them cinderblocks speedin on the freeway …Runnin relay, won’t pace slow Life’s gettin busy and I won’t say “no” Lips leaking chatter, but uh don’t know they know? I got that Bronson look without the Ghostface flow Rap game Troll 2, best of the worst I’m half in the bag, tonight I’m fed in reverse My tongue is in my cheek, is this a blessing or curse? Stop analyzing everything I said in the verse I’m going berserk, I got guts to spill I’m raging at the apathetic run of the mill I’m Superman. Bars bending under my will I’m going hollow, but I need it just for the thrill
Everybody’s got a couple bones that they’ve locked away Shovel all you want, but they’re still inside a shallow grave …Set the password, double check, verify Still some eyes are peeking at the data that you dare to hide …they don’t care, they’ll find that trail that you leave behind Every thought is public, if they want to they can read your mind Privacy’s a lie to me, your eyes can’t even see the signs …it don’t matter if you click it, they can see inside …the terms of service agreement, another face of the evil It’s just another placebo, an opiate for the people … Realize you’re left in the trap Regardless if you don’t install the messenger app You’re ahead of the craft, black tape on the lens But they’re getting ya fast, as they break your defense So get rid of your trash, delete your history cache But you’re never getting rid of everything in your past THEY KNOW - Your private thoughts THEY KNOW - What porn you watch THEY KNOW - What gets you off THEY KNOW - THEY KNOW THEY KNOW - Your every step THEY KNOW - Your schedule kept THEY KNOW - Where you’re going next THEY KNOW - THEY KNOW [Verse 2]: JE Double F Setting death in motion, leaving Earth on a high note, Wastes of life, some of them are people that I know, Take, give, waste skin, Miles are important, shit I've seen, places I've been, Walking the line between dead and unknown, Two lane road where I was born is where I've grown, A mystery found then lost, Everyone wants to change the world but they won't front the cost, YOUR LIFE, it's not as important as you think, On the brink of insanity, it goes out with the sink, When half the nation' impatient and can't think, I know that we haven't evolved past the missing link, DOUBLE F with the extinction touch, Lucifer's executioners missing crutch, No love, the world's erasing me, Or maybe not, or what ever the case may be. Whateverz. THEY KNOW - your private thoughts, THEY KNOW - what you buy and bought, THEY KNOW - what to think, what you mean THEY KNOW - THEY KNOW THEY KNOW - your every step, THEY KNOW - your schedule kept, THEY KNOW - where you're going next THEY KNOW - THEY KNOW
Tell Me 02:53
I wanna be a star, but I’m too weird for the swag rappers You know that I spit raw, so I’m too hard for the backpackers …I’m written off because I paint in the abstract Instead of servin up a punchline for the laugh track Regression is praised… to me that shit’s mad wack Rapping like it’s 1990, am I havin a flashback? I’m hearin all the hatin but it doesn’t matter cuz I’m gonna let you know When everything is done the crowd’ll scream my name like Tetsuo I never made a claim that I would pop a glock, I never made a beat for you to pop and lock I’m sick of the ambivalent and corny motherfuckers looking back cuz all they wanna do is stop the clock …Gotta make the nonsense stop, come and get it if you want it often hot I don’t give a fuck about your freestyle, if it’s wack it doesn’t really matter if it’s off the top …Yo I think you lost your shot. Stuck for the rhyme’s sake All the shit I’m hearin’s like they spit in a blind rage I ain’t gon warm up to a scene that’s stuck in the ice age These rappers might as well be out there pimpin their Myspace [hook]: Tell me one more time that I’m obnoxious and tasteless While my whole generation is subconsciously racist Everybody wants to stay unconscious and wasted So I could give a fuck if you find me abrasive I’m ready to go, get ready to take notes I’m that viking warrior y’all rappers can hate most Shittin on your swagger, all I hear are the same tropes Fuck your lyrics if it’s all gold chains, guns, and rape jokes I spit with the bitterness while you talk shit with ignorance This shit is like a cancer buried down to the ligaments Think that you’re fly, but see to me you’re like Icarus Soon you’re gonna plummet, phony wings are catchin fire and you’re fuckin ridiculous I’m sick of motherfuckers out here claiming one love in the same breath as something homophobic Rappin like they wanna be another Young Thug but they’re dumbing down the population, no one noticed …everybody losing focus, reaching for the Sun, but who’s the closest? pullin down the wool you’re getting everybody stupid got em eatin from your hand like you knew hypnosis …think you’re something cuz you paid for follows, likes, and views? Call yourself a poet when your rhymes are bottles, spliffs, and crews? …Actin like God’s gift to tunes, Apollo’s chosen few? I just think your gimmick’s getting hard to swallow, shit I’m through
Vent 01:54
These words are a weapon, imperfect like a broken sword Soaked in gore, blood splatter dripping from my vocal chords It’s an open sore, every breath is damage Every verse is cutting when I speak another passage I’m a savage, sweating not to be another adage Sweating not to be another talking head, passive Each syllable’s visceral and I’m ripping atypical Messages muddier but the spitting is pivotal Welcome to the overdose, tales from the pharmacy The chemical’s irrelevant, the venom is a part of me Pardon me, 20 till I start to see I’m coughing fire, so it’s getting kinda hard to breathe I traded grey matter for cartridges Microphone wires wove in bone muscle and cartilage I don’t give a fuck about a scene Everybody’s sleeping so I’m livin the dream [hook]: Hear these words and feel the abstract visions I dispense Every breath I speak is just another way to vent Spit another 16, down another 6 pack …riff tracks for riff raff, a missmatch Speakin in tongues, coded language is the distract- -ion I use when I’m writing veiled diss tracks …nix that, hit me supersonic Sound waves tearing, but the bond is symbiotic I got it, the knowledge I make an audio accomplice Carnage in my veins burnin pen to paper hotness I live inside my head like it’s a pocket dimension And when I’m popped by my brethren I’ll still be rocking the heavens Abstract thoughts from the top of my head and I know it’s got to be severed. I’m not to messed with Rat race runnin til my sneakers are ruined Socks turnin red, feet are bleedin profusely Glued to the track but I refuse to be losing Soakin radiation, not a rapper, a mutant
We’re walking through markets on fire Nostalgic, so everyone’s strokin the past Wiping the sweat from our temples Our goal in our mind we just hope that we’ll last Boomers’ll ridicule, faded, so miniscule Spewing to gloat and to laugh Screaming and blaming the people who burn While they’re standing there holding a match We’re broken and crass, done in for life We’re holding our baggage right under our eyes Faking a face like we’re under the knife Smiling while looking for something to fight …we’re animals caged Chewing the fat off a cannibal’s plate The ringleader’s fixin to land us in jail But anarchy’s only a stampede away Sick of the plan, we can’t stand the insanity Splitting humanity down The middle, we’re livid and bitter and pissed And we’re gripping to apathy now We scratch and we scramble for answers When really we’re all only after the crown But fuck it, we’ll leave, let the capital burn Cuz it’s time to abandon this town They’ve alienated a whole generation …we’re growing impatient Sick of the myth that we’re broken and lazy …from those who betrayed us …they’re stoking the flames …they don’t know the pain Caused by their actions, it’s basic neglect Now we’re fixin to get up and show em this rage Generation of the living dead You buried us but we will live again You told us from birth and you drilled in our heads That you want us to follow our dreams Just go to college, you’ll get a good job… As long as you’ve got a degree But now we don’t dream cuz it’s been a damn while Since anyone’s gotten some sleep The world you prepared us for’s not what you handed us All of it’s rotten deceit You promised us everything, got us excited And now you’ve the gall to call us entitled? …we are what you made us Now as we struggle you won’t even face us …we’re sick in a haze Paid all our dues and got minimum wage …the system is set to exploit us And now we all live with this rage …you’re sick of us getting offended like kids these days cannot laugh …you cling to archaic ideas, it’s that shit we have to smash …your ignorant jokes are a product of white patriarchal trash …but winter is coming, these snowflakes’ll soon be an avalanche …you long for the “good old days” But they were only good if you were straight male and white …you long for American values But patriotism’s been stained by the Right Y’all have been called on your bullshit And now you just run with it, stuck in a lie But honestly we’re all just anxiously waiting For y’all motherfuckers to die
[intro]: Al Pist Every frame they flash by our eyes is a message If it doesn’t enlighten the mind it just oppresses it Every frame they flash by our eyes is a message If it doesn’t enlighten the mind it just oppresses it Agoraphobic nation, blame placed adjacent We’re looking for a villain in juxtaposed faces …a new excuse to justify racists TV escapists, made hate that’s shameless …everything I know I learned from 80s action movies …unbeknownst of the messages they’re passing through me …Watch the silver screen, it’s not an answer now …Listen for the stars, how’s that propaganda sound? Tune in tonight when conditioning starts, find every whisper they’ve hidden in art Cling to the signal, the glow is so comforting, it’s all you have when you live in the dark Fill us with misguided terror to block any sympathy when all the misery starts It’s easy to fucking ignore the effects because you’re not the one who will live with the scars It’s easy to follow the action, they’re banking on nobody caring or knowing the facts Justify murder by taking a sniper and paint a hero from a sociopath We feel that Call of Duty, but we’ve all be monsters Since before Hanz Gruber fell to Nakatomi Plaza [bridge/hook]: Al Pist Everything I know I learned from teachers in my school That textbook salivation Pavlovian drool Facts passed from the government to subservient subordinates We’re taught to tie the noose while they kick out the stool Every frame they flash by our eyes is a message If it doesn’t enlighten the mind it just oppresses it Every frame they flash by our eyes is a message If it doesn’t enlighten the mind it just oppresses it [verse 2]: Brzowski Blunder bargaining chips pushed to table edge Slumberers wheezing through and dream of pulling sledge A new excuse to lionize incisors A new platform if only to proselytize Everything I know I learned from Karl Marx in the boonies Never questioned theory and practice would not be congruent NowI read a screen full of DIY How’s Checking for the footnotes and subtle mines in the ground 5th column in essence, glitter of putrescence Herald of presence, reflection of pressure Believe hologram, hold hands with puppetry Touch up the back drop to crop out the peasantry Ship me a meme that will make any difference Stem the supplies to contempt and to privilege Poison the candy and sweeten the pottery Jogging and training for Running Man Lotteries Give me a gun and I’ll fight all your wars Sell a Pepsi a Coke and a Coors Lure me with freebies and promise of jobs Follow Mcguffins or sleep w/ the slobs Conceive summer jams, sand where rubber bleeds Props to Ashcroft, enshrine a scorched earth policy [bridge/hook]: Al Pist Everything I know I learned from lookin behind the curtain Fact checkin diggin dirt and attackin the uncertain Extracting trapped verses like snatchin packed purses And searching contents for context and subversion Every frame they flash by our eyes is a message If it doesn’t enlighten the mind it just oppresses it Every frame they flash by our eyes is a message If it doesn’t enlighten the mind it just oppresses it
Echo Chamber 02:21
Yo, stop and listen, these politicians have got us tripping I don’t wanna spend another thought upon their rotten mission …foul attrition’s division, the sick have gotten rid of Any passing vision that these criminals were not complicit …They should be locked in prison, but that’s reserved For slave labor, saved wages, those who do not deserve Like people smoking the herb, cuz the judges are sellin em They’ll make em a felon if there’s an abundance of melanin It’s all about the Benjamins, burning down villages The presidents are slaves to the dead ones images Promising change, but their greed’s so limitless We watch powerless, gritted in our bitterness …This division is manufactured It’s time that we get rid of this branded fracture These grander pastures are a smoke stack’s pipe dream And I don’t wanna think about it all or I might scream [hook A]: All at once let’s punch the ceiling Kicking, scratching, knuckles bleeding We just need a single reason To continue breathing I’m sick of the noise, we’re screaming into the void We’re giving into the anger, our bleeding fingers destroyed But now we’re missing the point. Stuck on ideology Fuck, don’t even stop to breathe, Nothing’s what it’s got to be …spitting rhetoric in faces till the cops’ll beat our faces to the dirt. Are we criminals? Probably Honestly, I’m carrying a match and a gas can Heading for these bridges, ready, making a last stand …Nowadays we can’t afford to be still White American apathy’s fueling ignorant shills But it’s easy when you’re not the one they’re fixing to kill So swallow your pride, we’ll down the bitterest pills So fuck the right, fuck the left These lines in the sand will kill what’s under our chest The lesser of two evils’ just a better way to kneel So if that’s your motivation you were never for the people [hook B]: Every day annihilation gets a little closer So every day nihilism seems like a better way to think I just wanna drink I just wanna make it all vanish in a blink Every day annihilation gets a little closer So every day nihilism seems like a better way to think I just wanna drink Cuz I’m gettin pushed right down to the brink [hook A]: All at once we punch the ceiling Kicking, scratching, knuckles bleeding We just need a single reason To continue breathing
Moblins 02:51
Nowadays these streets looks like a Herschell Gordon Lewis flick Dialed triple digits you’ll be introduced to gruesome shit … lit in red and blue, murders for the revenue This self important bogeyman is gunning for the end of you …they’re full of shit, don’t you ever hear that bully spit his rhetoric, a method getting steam until you’re fully lit Barrel to your temple, look for any sign or little twitch …But before he even got here felt that finger itch …You can see it in his eyes, the real motivation Struggle for some plants allows a badge to thin the population …a new excuse to keep you under lock and observation Contemplation led to lock ups, slave labor nominations …Hear the sirens? This the march of the moblins Listen for that call, the pigs are lootin and robbin Laughing to each other just to drown out the sobbin All within a broken system that shows no sign of stoppin [hook]: …Little soldier boys marchin out the anthill …Gonna turn this fuckin town in to a landfill …Another standstill, another man killed …Time to feed, but I’m gonna bite the hand still The road to hell is paved with good intentions Like a blind eye when the method turns offensive We can feel that dread for the judgement they’re dispensing And you really wonder why you’re lumped in with resentment? Good or bad, it matters not, it’s just another clock to punch Let’s not twist the saying, you know spoiled apples rot the bunch …now the orchard has been deemed as more important than the people they’re supposed to feed, they’ll bleed us dry, abhorrent …fuck it all, let’s burn this system to the ground Listen to the howl, my ears are ringing from the sound You’re sick of the names? I’m sick of the gore You think you’re a badass? I only think you’re a boar. (get it?) …No, I’m not concerned with you I wanna end this network that they hide their murders through Power’s nasty habit, it brings out the worst in you But you’re with us or against us and you’ll share this burden too
Suckin on a bottle like I thought it was a shotgun Down a Nuka Cola till its givin me that rot gut Not such a good idea, that gamma radiation Seepin in my veins, nothin but a standard operation …God damn, we really Cronenberg’d the world up Aerosole’d the ozone until our cities burnt up Headed for oblivion, giving in and we’re doomed Soon we’ll view the missiles, room to rubble to tomb I’ll crash the Interceptor through some zombies in the underpass Park it on their carcasses, we’ll hot box with mustard gas An age of fire and we’re never gonna run it back, fuck the past Born in blood and gas and you can’t fuck with that Find me in a hockey mask screaming “just walk away” I’m laughing but I’m feeling kinda off today It’s chatter from the gallows when I’m caught enraged Our chapter isn’t over but we’ve lost the page [verse 2]: Old Self [verse 3]: Bald Afro
Get Up 05:21
Just tell me that it’s possible, livin off my writtens I’ll die grippin a mic spittin fire to light rhythms There’s voices in my cranium dissin like “why listen?” “You spit about struggle, buggin, but filtered through white privilege” …I’m trippin, these voices are mine If you stare me in the soul you’ll see the void in my eyes I can’t avoid the noise poison destroying my mind So I’ll toil inside, each rhyme grinded from a rough spot …while I shamble looking like a living mugshot A rebel disheveled, I see in visions all bloodshot …rapping yet I’ve fed on metal and punk rock Never gonna settle, yet I’m betting on one shot Caught in a stun-lock. I harden to lose it While I’m chasing white rabbits in the art or the music My muse is refusing, it’s stupid, maybe I’m late But It’s all downhill so I’ll continue to skate I’m ambitious but I’m lazy so I’ll shake the stress and stay in bed Create a nest and lay to rest the path I chose to fake distress …I’ll just make a mess, excuses halt the process Give another week I’ll have a new unfinished project I need to cut the nonsense, there’s a couple shows I’ve gotta book Some verses left to finish and I’ve gotta fix this shoddy hook …damn, I really ought to make another comic book …not to waste a major. Rapper? Failed illustrator …staring at the dust collecting on my bristol paper I’ll complete the mission later, I’m a bitter hater Fashioned from an ill creator. I’ve sampled A path or two and cancelled plans to hide from empty panels …from every angle I see kingdoms I’ve abandoned Left in shambles, shit I’ve started but I never stick the landing …stuck in plot holes thinking too pedantic I stand between phantoms and fandoms banded into panic [hook]: Get up, get up, get up, get up outta the way I don’t wanna stall, don’t wanna waste one more day I thought I’d be a critic for a minute, spittin livid opinions But even I’ve got my limits and that shit wasn’t fulfilling …or maybe I just couldn’t commit But I divided up my time like I was looking to slip I think I’m hooked on this shit, self loathing, I’m a basket case …inner demons gaining leverage with each passing day Telling me that I should just quit, dip, and pass the blame …now I mask the pain, living is a masquerade …but this depressing shit won’t captivate an audience Not that it’ll matter if I never put em onto this And props’ll never come from only hard drives full of rawness, kid …so let’s get em released, unleash demons to breathe this hell fire and yall can start feelin the heat …I’m done with passive masochist tendencies My wanderlust must die before it’s actively ending me I’m ready to burst before these thoughts get the best of me


MP071 MilledPavement Records

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Released May 17, 2019

All lyrics/vocals written and performed by Zak G, except where noted.
Produced by Zak G.
Cuts by Mo Niklz.
Mixed and mastered by C Money Burns.
Recorded/Engineered by Jeff Brown at Pyramid Octagon Thoth Temple in West Haven, CT.

Additional vocals on track 4 by JE Double F, track 8 by Brzowski and Al Pist, and track 11 by Old Self, Lt Headtrip, and Googie.

Artwork/design by Zak G.


released May 17, 2019


all rights reserved



Zak G New Haven, Connecticut

Rap game Rollins.

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