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released November 19, 2013

Written, produced, and performed by Zak Greene.
Recorded and mixed by Kenny Cash

Cover art by Zak Greene.


all rights reserved



Zak G New Haven, Connecticut

Rap game Rollins.

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Track Name: Exit
I gave up all my dreams, I'm awake inside a coma
I'm a couple steps from hell, but I'm smelling the aroma
Sulfur's in the air and the heat becomes my owner
I'm surrounded by my friends, but I feel like a loner
I don't care about the message, I need some something to believe
I just wanna let the pressure up, I just need some release
A way to fix the broken, make myself less incomplete
But I'll pull out in the open what I've bottled so discreet
I'm sick of being broke, I'm under-payed and overdrawn
I'm slipping further daily, so I won't be sober long
Because I'm giving in to bullshit when I should be growing strong
The tune's a little different, but I'm sure I know the song
I'm sick of coping with the shitty situation that they've handed me
Puking up the remedy that brought me to apathy
Sick of hearing mediocrity's the way that it had to be
Sick of sitting at the table acting like we're still a family

I'm sick of this shit, fucking give me an exit

You can say that I'm cynical, but I'm finding it difficult
Stressing at the notion like the moment is pivotal
Demeaner so miserable, taking issue so pitiful
Letting everything go cuz I'm ready to give it all
I've got the shakes, I'm fucking lit on shit I thought I'd never try
Sipping on some Tenafly, fuck em all, I sever ties
I wanted something real, but it's out of reach so never mind
...in lieu of that I guess I'll settle for a better lie
Looking for a clever line, use it as therapy
But every time I open up it's taken as heresy
Carelessly ignore despair, it's easy apparently
Brush it under the rug, use that compassion so sparingly
Hiding all the scars is a waste of time
You can see it in my eyes, it's the face inside
Try to move on, can't escape my mind
Cuz in that crimson stream I found a place to hide


Effortless I can't bury my head in the cold sand
Don't have a homeland, I'm more like a nomad
With everything a fucking mess I'm starting to go mad
Sing another melody the remedy's so sad
I sit between a savage and a vacant seat
Crossfire, caught up in the great defeat
Now it's little more than a place to eat
So I retreat into my cave while I make a beat
We all chase the beast, it's just a matter of fact
But we gotta get it going, gotta shatter the act
Left in the dirt, it's a matter of tact
Try to get away, but we're caught in the act
I struggle to speak, now the words are like gravel
Take the lie as it is because I see it unravel
Are we warriors suiting up to head to the battle
Or are we led to the slaughter house, nothin but cattle?

If home is where the heart is, then the heartless are discarded
I'll try my hand at rap because I failed as an artist
It wasn't my intention when I packed up and departed
But I knew I'd end up here from the moment that I started

Track Name: Still Life
I'm apathetic I think, it's a Connecticut thing
I'm just coping with the trauma that irrelevance brings
I'm just hoping, end the drama while the resonance rings
I'm just looking for an avenue to elevate things
But I'm crawling through the mud instead of spreading my wings
Because the burning that you feel while you levitate stings
And I'm looking to relive change, replicate skin
But I'm falling into void while I medicate spin
I looking into the faces of the faceless
Existence in solitude nomadic, baseless
Comfort is a tragedy when all I am's complacent
Seeing the goal when I log on adjacent
The future is here but I'm too gutless to face it
With the prospect of change so close I can taste it
Filled with vitriol for the peers who have made it
When all I can do is glare and spit bitter, tasteless

Now I've been tripping for a minute, I swore 'em off and said good riddance
I was livid at the thought they passed me by without a pittance
I was watching everyone their work in ink their name in lights
While I was broke and searching I could only dream of fame tonight
It felt unreal, out of reach while they attain so easily
Well fuck them it spelled denial's what it means to me
My situation trap without a remedy to see
But I was wrong, reality my greatest enemy was me
Looking back it's no surprise that they would leave me behind
They worked so hard I didn't even know the meaning of grind
But envious distrust brought out the evil inside
See I was seeing red though all the green in these eyes
But I refuse to demise, this future shining I need it
You can reach in and feel it, this heart is beating I mean it
And while my outlook obscene, it's my mind corrupted I lead it
I'm sick of this illusion so it's time I release it

[hook x4]
I wasn't getting a grip, I was letting it slip
Still life trapped and the message was missed

If I didn't believe it, then it wouldn't be recorded
I cannot afford it, my mind twisted, contorted
All my goals and motivations have all but gone distorted
I'm pulled in four directions like I'm being drawn and quartered
Caught between the passion and the need to eat
Gotta free the beast but I bleed disease
So release the leech, and I'll complete the deed
Letting go of comfort as I breach the creed
This isn't music, just aggression, I'm not rapping, only venting
This is the sound of the struggle never ending
With dissent I confess mad, sick, unrelenting
Discontent with the offerings of the ones I've offended
I'm jotting down my soul in every word on the page
Looking for a path a way outta the maze
A sacrifice of self just appeasing the rage
Every bar I spit is just release from the cage
Track Name: Same Old
It's the same old song and dance

Sick and ambivalent, shallow and ignorant
Fuckin pathetic, a retrograde sycophant
Scorning off someone creative and different
Ignoring the passion, abrasive and dissonant
...there's payoff in diligence
Storming the future, we're bout to get militant
Changing the path and they wanna get rid of it
Stuck in the past... they don't want in on it
...the issue is evident
Cannot let go like the present's irrelevant
Claiming it's over, we're never as elegant
Nothing is worthy so better not mention it
Clever, it's everything wanted the same
Send it all back cuz the pop is to blame
That's a poor representation of fame
Narrow the vision, they bitch and complain
Never content, but by choice they take misery
Fighting the future to break any synergy
Given the option they're stuck in the history
Bitter and blistering cold and they're withering
...take it away
It's there if you look and it's sicker today
More than you'd possibly ever retain and it's
Better than waiting around for refrain
Fighting the fake bottle poppers monopoly
Choosing instead to be stuck to monotony
Gotta be boring to long for this honestly
Fuck this, I'm sick of the shitty Pac wannabes
93's over, so leave it behind
Fuck how you desperately try to rewind
Wanting the music to shackle, confined, but it's
Just about time to try, open your mind


Gotta deliver a riveting show
Rioting, ravaging, spitting in prose
Visions of sickening stitches and crows
I'm over the talk about bitches and hos
...it's really a tragedy
...but they call it a phalacy
...captivate apathy
...like fighting with gravity
Every word choking me honestly openly
Written off, free to be spoken with poetry
Localy begging, like clutching the rosary
No answer when you try dialing the rotary
Cannot prescribe to the bland divine
You're stuck up, I'm fed up with grand design
I can't decide the scam resign
You're losing your grip on the sands of time
...I cannot condone
Tradition is holding you back like a drone
Afraid to be carving a path of your own
Minority maybe but I ain't alone
...It's down to the bone
Gotta be honestly lookin to glow
Without even trying or pushing to grow
Why even try, man I really don't know
Something's compelling us, making the call
So we climb up but we're waiting to fall
Reaching for sunlight, we've gathered the gall
Rather be forging than deep in the crawl
...I'm facing my burdens
Crafting a path but it's covered in hurtles
Laughing, you're taking it easy, no searchin
Pretentiously mocking while running in circles


We have walked this road be-
-fore, we know where it ends
We have made this climb be-
-fore, our time has been spent
We have gone this path be-
-fore, I've come to resent
We must carve a way from
here, we can not relent
Track Name: Pissing Contest
There's blood in the classroom, fear in the air
Smoke in the lungs, deep in despair
The damage is done, no way to repair
Everyone's pissed off, we piss and compare
The oath is backwards, lyin to swear
A scream unheard, cryin and scared
The feeling is mutual so there's nobody spared
A scream in the night, but nobody cares

From towers falling to bombs in Boston
Everybody snappin cuz it's all too often
We're all just lost to false causes callin
Gotta put a halt because it's all appalling
Turning a tragedy into fuel for the fire
Sink in the apathy now in lieu of the mire
Bitching and bickering now you fall for desire
And if you tell me that you give a shit, I'll call you a liar
See, it's only on your mind if you can match it with your narrative
Twisting up the facts until it's something more comparative
Standing on a soapbox, message and you're blaring, but
Despairaging is muted to the cause and all the carelessness
Overlook the aftermath, it's easy to miss
Pretending the crusade is how you're dealing with this
Coping with anger, you're livid and pissed
You should be lending a hand, not swinging a fist


The critics are scathing, but the ratings are up
The pace breaks necks, but they're breaking our trust
The dust hasn't settled, but they're taking a cut
We're lining all the pockets of the fake and corrupt
Cuz we're aching for the truth, but they call it irrelevant
And we're taking the abuse if we buy as they're selling it
It's money in the bank and a closet of skeletons
We're lookin for the answers, but they're lies so to hell with it
This is the conclusion when they make it a race
Everybody's runnin but we're stapled in place
The 24 hour cycle and they're fighting for space
And if you're late to the party then it might be a waste
So any little scrap be the first to reveal
Don't double check your source, ain't no time on the wheel
Release the wrong photo, wrong blame, big deal
Come on, It's not a scoop if it's not fucking real


Take a lunatic and blame it on the regime
Just a new excuse to rage against the machine
Another way to dim the light, it's tragic and obscene
When the nihilist aggression kills the magic in your dreams
But you're sadder than you seem and you're grasping at straws
Dissecting every victim when you plaster their flaws
You cannot comprehend so it has to be false
And you're full of yourself when you laugh at it all
Antagonize the audience, the message ain't inviting
Despite rebellious rhetoric you think that you're reciting
You talk about conspiracy, you find it more exciting
But reality's a bitch and there's no one to confide in
Cause it's anger you're inciting, the atmosphere is blinding
The rising tide is guiding us to wars that you're implying
But you're lying or you're hiding when the organ gets to grinding
When that shit hits the fan there ain't nothing left enticing
Track Name: Fly
A flock of sparrows fly away out through the clouds
But a thousand bows and arrows all take aim to shoot em down
I can feel it to the marrow and I guess we knew the sound
We've read the tarot say we're headed to the ground
But it doesn't take a seer to see the deck was stacked
And I don't like the odds, because they stretch the facts
We've seen it in the mirror, but we stress the cracks
And after everything is done we're barely left in tact
So we sketch the tracks to feel the wind in our feathers
And if the weather's never better then the sin is our pleasure
Because we never hold back, no we're down to the letter
And we'll sever the connection if we're bound by a tether
So avert the curses while they search the verses
Dumb it all down so the worst is purchased
We gotta make a change, gotta burst the surface
But that's the way it goes when you flirt with urchins
These crows fly off, a misled murder, whisper soft a distant murmur
Screaming to the veil as we get a grip and rip it further
About time that we fuck it up and hit the server
About time that we cool it down and flip the burner
...you know this is our weapon of choice
Spitting livid visions but I'm stretching my voice
The answer in the adage and we're getting the noise
Ignoring the equation as they're letting it void

I'm just tryin to get my mind right, caught up in the zeitgeist
Night light shines, but they tell me this is fright night
For real, and the TV cracks
but we can barely cope when we see these acts
So we cheat these tracks from the cradle to the grave
Looking for a way to make royalty from slaves
Passing on the blame when they cry to behave
But we take a battle stance as we try to be brave
And we're riding the wave as they limit the scope
So you can show me the ropes or you can gimme the rope
I know they're out there trying to get rid of the hope
Because they see us as a threat, but this shit is a joke
I can see em getting nervous, now the ones they saw as worthless
Are all stepping to the plate because we're bitter and determined
Look into these eyes and see we're more than just a purchase
We're taking up the reigns and we're taking this shit further
Cuz it's murder in the ring when we wrestle our demons
Even though we're pissed, livid, restless, and beaten
Complete reach feat, now the system is cheatin'
And the speech feels 1337 when we're set for defeatin'
So go ahead, knockdown, hit me to the ground
Laughing at the aftermath, kick me when I'm down
The pressure in the measure is that sickening sound
When the header gets the better, we're not withering now

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