Worm's Eye View

by Zak G




Worm's Eye View is the full length debut of experimental and alternative hip hop musician ZG.


released 04 February 2013

Entirely performed, written, and produced by Zak Greene.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Worm's Eye View
Destruction... Destruction... Destruction...

I'm flirting with disaster and I think she's getting wet
She god damn looks familiar, but I swear we've never met
I know it's wrong, but I like the sentiment
Even if this road leads nowhere but the sediment
I can see it in her eyes, I can see the evidence
Everything is screaming but it seems irrelevant
I can't hear a thing, but I feel the resonance
I'm wrapped up tight, but I feel the elements
Her lips are enticing, but her gaze is maddening
Her intentions are sinister, that's what I'm gathering
I know what I'm doing, but I can't tell what's happening
Slip into the cracks of my sanity shattering
A future with her's what I'm afraid of now
I gotta step away, I gotta change somehow
Things won't work and we can't wait it out
I don't even like her, but she's the only game in town

This thing ain't what it ought to be
And I just tune out when you talk to me
I laugh thinkin bout how you fought with me
You say it isn't real, but it's GOT to be
The chance, the American dream that we were promised
Is nothin more than fable if we're really bein honest
All that matters is the money in your wallet
And there's not a way to get it if you don't already got it
But they feed us the opiate, the dream, the hope
To keep us sedated, dumb, happy and broke
The ladder is greased up, it's the coolest dope
The dream is a lie, the cruelest joke
Cuz the dollar sign's the only real voice of the nation
While dreams of grandeur keep us complacent
They tell you, "take life by the balls and face it"
But all that really matters is your starting placement

I can't even tell you what the world might do
Gun powder, end it in a burst, high noon
Fine till you let the very worst find you
Lookin' at the city from a worm's eye view
I can't even tell you what the world might do
Gun powder, end it in a burst, high noon
Fine till you let the very worst find you
Lookin' at the city from a worm's eye view

Can you see where the blame was given on another graven image?
In squalor and filth they got a nerve to rave, "exquisite!"
I'm spitting brave resistance but they only gave indifference
And I wanna get out, but I can't escape the system
I can't erase the mission, what's the price I have to pay?
I'm sick of this monotony, I wanna blast away
Nocturne, haven't slept a wink since Saturday
And the only girl that's blowing up my phone is Sallie Mae
Abhorrence boils over, frothing from inside my gullet
I never reached the summit but this feels like the plummet
I know it's not familiar cause it's not the way they spun it
Never back down till we topple how they run it
Crawling out the deepest hole I'll ever hide inside
Crawling out the dirt while you look down like, "why reside?"
You'll find me down your nose, your life is mighty fine
You are the one in power, I am the 99
Track Name: Brain Twitch
Welcome to the kingdom of the blind design
Everybody's shackled to the 9 to 5
Admit the guilt, but deny the crime
Make another cut so I know I'm alive
Self-infliction, just to feel something
Contradictions that explain away nothing
I think I'm being followed, is it time to start running?
Just give me a reason, I can tell you one thing
We've been through it all, but it's all for naught
They'll hunt you, take you for all you've got
Watch everything you've ever loved fall to rot
They'll bend you over as you scream to stop
So tell me, how does the mattress taste?
As you judge me, call me a basket case?
You'll always remember the aftertaste
But falsify a smile just to mask your face

Supply the habit and condemn the addict
They'll never take a thing, cause they never let you have it
Any little scraps, they won't even let you grab it
But everything they say to me is little more than static
Welcome to the culdesac, try to keep the vultures back
Sittin, droolin, watchin television as our culture cracks
Puss-filled wounds, dying, we don't even nurture that
Compassion and love? (Shiiiiit) I ain't even heard of that
Wrapped up, red tape, cut deep, bled hate
I don't give a shit about a biggot in a red state
You can find me racing fate
Desperately searching for my own expiration date
So yeah, fuck it, pull the pin out and let go
I'm at the boiling point and I'm ready to explode
Bout to cop a 9, pull the trigger and unload
I know it's fucking wrong, but it sure is fun, though

There's a snake in the grass at the house of reptiles
Grim faced masks and blood-soaked textiles
Everything's changed, I return from exile
It's about time I walked the next mile
Smoke in the rear-view the city collapses
But these idle onlookers barely reacted
Plugged into the Matrix, numb, distracted
Assassins and thieves unfairly contracted
No, I don't give a shit about petty revenge
But that don't mean I'm willin to make any amends
I'm sorry if the bitter truth only offends
Not a thing left to give a shit to defend
Lock me in a padded room, feed me with a plastic spoon
Toss me in a massive tomb, I'll be fine by afternoon
Turn up the volume, listen to the static boom
Dissolving on my tongue, I can feel the magic soon
Track Name: Double Speak
While the poor get poorer, the rich get richer
Our bellies gettin thinner, their wallets gettin thicker
They don't care about our health, so the sick get sicker
Now we're all none the wiser cuz the double speak is slicker
These days are getting darker, the night is coming quicker
We're coping through our liquor while their finger's on the trigger
They're pulling down the wool with a smile and a snicker
And we're all none the wiser cuz the double speak is slicker

Carving out the issue like they carve away the baby fat
Dead weight, giving up, nothing you can say to that
Speaking out, chained up, they gon' make you pay for that
Wipe away rebellious mind, they gon' just rid of that
You may claim they're taking, they're just tricking you to give, in fact
Gritting through a grin to distract you from the missing tact
Pass it off as fair when it's stained with their bias
Pass them off as honest when they're nothin but liars
We want to get hired but the market is shrinking
Like it ate the wrong mushroom, it's not what you're thinking
Swallowed alive, in a moment of blinking
Blacked out, gone, like a whole night of drinking
Down the potion, the elixir to blur
Spreading the gap instead of fixing the curve
I'm spitting a verse, maybe hitting a nerve
But you're swallowing teeth while you're hitting the curb

Job creation stressed while they outsource work
Environmental cause, polluting outdoors first
Fiction is the diction when the cause is to calm
Rallying is easy when they pause on a bomb
Banking on a jumped gun fast reaction
While they flash talk weapons of mass distraction
Skimming through the verdict on a past conviction
And these new rules are far from the last restriction
So we suffer the affliction, lose the medicine faster
Watching the screen, see the patriot actor
In the house of cards it only spells disaster
Finger point blame game, melt reactor
I felt it shatter now the shards cut deep
At the heart of the matter, but these scars run deep
Disintegrate soon, from the failed upkeep
Alone, bled out in the railgun sleep

We got these burdens from the merchants at the marketplace for urchins
I was hurtin, I was searchin, every person made it worsen
And now I'm certain that it's time to draw the curtain
There ain't even no one lurkin' and we'll never get a word in
So everybody gather round, step up to the puppet show
Four years later we're gon' have ourselves another go
Cycle through the options, but I can tell we're running low
I can see decay, but that's not the way they spun it though
Honestly, they're vultures, they'd rather slit your throat
Than ever give you hope, yeah a total misanthrope
Watchin as you tie that slipknot rope
Tighten it up until you're ready to choke
So fuck it, we get faded cuz we're gettin kinda jaded
They tell us we can make it, but they're laughing as they say it
And we don't have a say so you know we can't debate it
So fuck it, man I hate it, let's destroy it and create it
Track Name: Stream of Conscious
Beard like a terrorist, 'burban with an attitude
Ain't no time for brag rap, stuck on all the bad news
The lyrics are the message in my skin like a tattoo
My name is ZG, I produce and I rap, too
And I'm hungry, on some old Def Jux shit
Runnin down the block with a boom box and a musket
Bringin it back cuz the game now's busted
That bullshit on the radio is garbage. Fuck this!
I'd make it but I'd have to sell my soul to the illuminati
But it's damaged and the craftsmanship's shoddy
So I'll stay the course, jottin on another page
I'll never turn my backpack in for shutter shades
Noisy beats, lyrically abstract
Fuck swag, I'm tired of wack tracks
Same old shit, I'm done, it's a wrap
Same old beats, fuck that, it's a trap!!!

I'm in the temple of the 9 with a 9 to my temple
I know yesterday's prophets but I barely resemble
Nihilistic mind when my thoughts reassemble
Sure, I'm coping fine, but I'm fucked in the mental
Yeah I know I'm different, that's a fact you can gather
I think a lot of the shit we hear doesn't matter
So I ain't spitting corny rhymes about bitches and swagger
And I know I look more like a viking than a rapper
But really break it down, man, what's the difference
Between "Fuck bitches, get money" and "Rape and Pillage?"
You play the village idiot while robbing them blind
Let's take this whole shit and make it stop on a dime
You talk about your swag like you're on another level
But it's something we all got, so it doesn't make you special
But you cashed in on your deal with the devil
Now all I see is false idols and fake rebels

Swagger jackers callin me a masochist
Rappin as a white dude pacifist
It'd be easier to rap that I'll smack a bitch
Get ignorant, but I'd rather slash a wrist
Homophobic lyrics and mysogeny
Are accepted and common, but it's odd to me
That those "lyrical skills" you bring up in brags
Really just refer to you callin rappers "fags"
Congratulations, you're an internet troll
And do we really need any more into the fold?
I'd rather spit cynical, bitter and cold
Than blindly follow, deliver the gold
So words spill out, my stream of conscious
Nightmares while I dream unconscious
Don't turn back, no way to stop this
Fuck your help, don't move, I got this!
Track Name: Freaks
Adhere to the dress code, put on the uniform
Slave? I guess so, when you conform to the norm
I feel distress though, I don't know what you do it for
They only want to absorb everyone into the Borg
Does it matter if you really fit in
When the code is too tight for you to even get in?
Assimilate, strip away the skin
Exterior designer but you're hollow within
Cuz you plug in, mentality group think
Freedom is gone, reality too strict
Copy and paste, the only way to shift
Download lessons to teach you a new trick
Sit down, roll over, and fetch
You think you're a rebel but you're really their bitch
Still not right, you gotta scratch that itch
But it's too late for you to up and switch

Follow the leader, like lemmings to the cliff
Even if you thought that you would head into the rift
In the second of conception you were given a gift
But now it's a waste as you're rid of that shit
And rebellion is the cover, the illusion, the dream
Wardrobe update, new to the scene
The philosophy's the same, despite whatever it seems
Every change is minor, whatever the team
No different than the drones you lash against
Programmed the same, it's the last defense
Fall guy, paying for a past offense
It's transparent if the viewer has the sense
All you do is find a style and try to fit in it
Strip away the sense of self, just get rid of it
Disappear into the crowd, it's easy, you hid in it
You're only choice is which box, now hurry up and get in it

I guess it's in our nature to belong to the pack
Filling up our bellies, the lone wolf gets scraps
Have another round, your identity's the tab
And if you refuse, you'll only step up to the slab
See, that's the real reasoning behind this mentality
The reason that we buy in and sell off our reality
The fatality of free thought, that's actuality
That's why you obviously lack originality
Conformity is celebrated to be next in line
Get in the club or get left behind
I can see that static deep inside of your eyes
Fuck this, let's rewind this time
I don't claim the cure, this is just a reaction
I don't have the answer you can't even imagine
I don't know a way out, or if it's time to take action
Or should we just ignore and try to live through our passion
Track Name: Disguise
I used to think you were beautiful, but that time has come and gone
I thought you were special, but I was simply dumb and wrong
The strings have been severed and I am not your pawn
I was searching for the light, but you are not the dawn
Because the fire is gone, you've extinguished the effect
And now the liar is wrong, when it's diminished I object
The attraction is there, with no shame I confess
But it's twisted and distorted, with placed blame I reflect
I've seen your true face through the mask you wear
The visage is dissolving through the cracks and tears
Soon you'll be exposed when it shatters bare
And the chapters of your story will be scattered there
But every fantasy you weave, another fly in your web
Every empty promise puts another guy in your bed
Until you cast your spell, drained him all and you're fed
He thinks he struck gold, but it's all in his head

Come on baby, take it off
Come on baby, take it off
Come on baby, take it off
Take off that disguise

I've seen your face in the void, I've heard your voice in the noise
Now I'm delegated status, just a boy to avoid
Melancholy left me without joy, I'm devoid
As you stuff me in the trunk with all the toys you destroyed
Fuck yeah, I'm annoyed, but there's overwhelming apathy
I don't give a shit, I can't even feel the gravity
Blank, cold stare as you glare, getting mad at me
I can't even tell if it's a smile or a tragedy
Awkward glances, no second chances
lifted veils and burned olive branches
Opened eyes, now my vision's expanded
Shackles and chains, I just couldn't stand it
This isn't how I planned it but it's what you demanded
You thought I'd follow everything you ever commanded
It's all outta line, needs to be reprimanded
It's done, it's over, it's time we canned it

You cut me deep, I split you open, crawled inside and found a token
Of affection for some other guy
Some words are better left unspoken as we lay there bruised and broken
I uncover yet another lie
Even with my juices flowing I can see your body glowing
Giving off a scent to wet my eyes
Now your apathy is showing, my distaste for you is growing
I discard my shameful sweaty prize
I've adjusted my eyes, no longer blinded by lust
Torn away your disguise, now I'm filled with disgust
Enough of the lies, it's an issue of trust
Time to sever the ties, this whole thing is a bust
And you can plead if you must, try to savor the game
Scream and call me unjust, point the finger of blame
But you crumble to dust, you can't deny your shame
Blown away in a gust, yeah you're all the same
Track Name: Gotham
Red sky, no stars, I found Gotham
Punks and hipsters, yeah we got them
It aint hard to see when you can see the bottom
Welcome to Harm City, plenty of problems
But fuck it, man, late night trips to the pharmacy
or Paper Moon I can't shake, they've become a part of me
Walkin down Charles, grab a bite at XS
Pass the Old Bay, eat to excess
Hittin the city, dress to impress
Oriole's cap, show us your best
Indie pop concert, ironic hooks
Fell's Point, Hampden, Atomic Books
Or maybe hit the Charles for an arthouse flick
Maybe get some Crepes but it starts now quick
Gettin late, say that we should part now, dip
But it ain't dawn, and it's our town, bitch

Red cups, warehouse, sippin on a Natty Boh
Party at the Copycat, shitty but I had to go
The scene was lookin like a thrift store fashion show
Late night bar crawl... Edgar Allan Poe
Lookin for a good time, drinkin out of cups
Rollin mad deep, we weren't givin a fuck
Band onstage, they were rippin it up
Sure there's parties here, but that isn't enough
What it is is not a question that I'd like to linger on
Cuz the thing that makes it special I can't put my finger on
It ain't one thing, it's the entire environment
And I'd rather be there than this Shire Retirement
Before I expire man, I gotta get back
Back to the city via light rail track
What the fuck has this journey been halted for?
Cuz god damn it, man... I miss Baltimore
Track Name: (Don't) Feed the Animals
The welcome mat to the land of the bigots and whores
Is a pimp slap, a gimp mask, and a blistering sore
Your life is just a riff track to the visceral gore
And we're laughing at the violence and the shit you abhor
But you're begging for more, eyes glued to the screen
Static rings loud, singing the blues in your dreams
But it's tragic to have blinders to the gruesome and obscene
When you're playing the fool, or like you're new to the scene
But you don't give a shit enough to open your eyes
Staring at the static while you soak in the lies
They're blowing smoke in your eyes while they're toking you high
You're all doped up, but you're broken inside
Anything to get you to avoid the cancer
Coping is the goal and ignorance is your answer
Their words are a veil, your messiah's a dancer
Listen to the chatterbox, the droning, the banter

Ready to be swallowed by the likes of the graboid
But instead you pay attention to the crap in the tabloids
Who's dating who? Which athlete's on steroids?
Rather than action, you think that being unaware voids
Any duty you have, you're willfully ignorant
While step by goose step things are getting more militant
The time bomb's ticking, destruction is imminent
But again, you focus energy on the fucking insignificant
A cog in the machine, spoutin Charlie Sheen memes
While they silence your dreams in pursuit of green C.R.E.A.M.
Every airbrushed whore is an arm of the fiend
Every grinning face is an army asleep
Now who's stepping up to that sex tape pedestal
While drones snipe out another left brain radical?
Conditioning our tummies, it's the land of the cannibals
People die in the street, they tell us, "don't feed the animals"

Pay attention, this is the age of information
So there is no excuse for everyone to be complacent
The movement is strong but in dire need of expansion
It's time to ignore the scandals and mansions
Get a handle on the whole, brush away the dust
Open the tome of the tombs we must
Like a gust, let it happen, it's time to readjust
There's no amount of fixing, the machine's all rust
My disgust knows no bounds
That lust for power is short on rounds
Something's stirring beneath the ground
Rumbling, crumbling, resonating the sound
They've lost their minds, we've found the power
No time to cower as they'd lead us to the showers
Locked up tight, hidden to scour
Through the depths in the midnight hour
Track Name: Ingrown Toenail
Ingrown toe nail, blood in my toothpaste
Second day outfit, corpse-like, blue-faced
7:30 grind, and I'm runnin the rat race
Countin down seconds till I'm gone from that place
Expressionless, blank-faced, eyes glazed over
Brain's out of orbit like the fucking Mars rover
Disheveled, unkempt, straight outta bed messy hair
Walkin out lookin like an undead grizzly bear
Belly full of toxins, flask full of liquor
Anything to make the fucking day move quicker
Apathy drowning out hope, not a sliver
No eye contact, spine to shivers
Crowd scene, uniform, blank stare, face mask
Michael Myers gaze, Halloween-themed race track
Carrot on my nose, they want me to chase that
But if I try to run they only ever turn the pace back
Fast forward, turn the key in the Delorean
88 miles, put the pedal to the floor again
Skip a couple chapters, find out how the story ends
Brace yourself, it's gonna sting like a scorpion
According to the signs, we all collapse
Gonna trip up and fall, relapse
I'm sick, but no, I'm not appalled, relax
Privy to the intel, call, react

Post-Apocalyptic bedroom, filled with debris
Mad Max demeanor, still on his feet
Coffee cup botanical riddled with meat
No AC, sauna filling with heat
House, no sheet rock, dead on the inside
To my complete shock, gotta stay in, hide
The bottles are empty, but there wasn't a message
I'm searching for answers through the piles of wreckage
No sunlight blinds, overhead flickering
Snow fall storm warn, late night shivering
No man's land, the odor is sickening
Junkyard monolith, floorspace shriveling
Homeless-chic, starving artist
First world problems, starving Marvin
Alien nation, starving Martian
Rotten fruit, garden harvest
Self righteous, self loathing
Options out of, shelved knowing
The road is long, we're hiking, going
Looking for a method I can use for coping
I'm just looking for an avenue to fight the stress
And I might confess that my life's a mess
And it's adding up to multiply my distress
But I really don't give a shit if I impress
Track Name: Wanderlust
I'm home sick, I'm sick of my home
But I never even felt like it was really my own
And I just wanna be alone, you can hear it in the tone
Of my voice, so accept if you cannot condone
Every single day I'm feelin older and older
I'm lookin over my shoulder, each night's colder and colder
And I don't wanna touch what I hold in my holster
So I bottle it up, but every note's gettin bolder

The kingdom of filth has gotten to me
I've seen what they offer and it's not for me
In banality I hold the monopoly
Screaming to escape this monotony
Life is at a standstill and it stinks like a landfill
Starting to feel like a drone in an anthill
But I can't stand still, knowing that the sand will
Go into my eyes as we all swallow the bland pill

The outside world always seemed to wondrous
But in a moment, like the flash of a blunderbuss
They went ahead and pulled the rug from under us
And I can't shake this overwhelming wanderlust
And now we wait for anybody to discover us
Try to break through the ceiling that's over us
Try to separate ourselves from our fathers' dust
Try to get away, to satisfy this wanderlust

Every face is growing uglier the longer I stare
Everyone is more vile, so no longer I bare
Drivel screen nonsense, why should I care?
When these shackles bring me nowhere but the heights of despair
So distract me, anything, I'll give it a shot
For a moment alive I'm slipping into the box
Eyes glossed, bloodshot, nose drip, rot
When'd I derail, make my own trip stop?
Now words fill space, just a droning static
Tempers quell rage, as alone I've had it
Disenchanted everything, where's that magic?
Now every single scene will only play more tragic
I need something else, I've just got to escape
I need a new life, I've just got to create
Bust through strong and defy the slate
Change this course and deny the fates